It’s easy to sit back as a spectator and presume how you ‘should’ see things when the storms come our way. It’s a very different thing when you are IN the deep end and waves are crashing all around you. As a family, we have had some storms come our way this year. As exciting as it would be to dish on the details of those occurrences, I feel that it’s less about the rubbish we go through and more about the perspective and our response.

Bad perspectives creates:

1. Memory loss. All the things He’s already done for you, God has moved and has done on your behalf. Think of the Israelites. They were so fed up waiting on God and not seeing any solution to their problem. Will you save us already?! They cried to Moses.  Moses heard from the Lord in Exodus 14 and he says,”Fear not. Stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again.” The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent. A Red Sea Moment happened. The Israelites, in their wavering belief stood watching God work through Moses and divide the waters so that they could cross. When safe on the other side, God returned the waters on top of the enemy, “not one of them remained.” Israelites saw the great power of the Lord in the midst of crisis and he saved them.

How many times is God about to do another miracle and we cry out I’d rather be off dead” than wait for what you have got me.  Memory loss creeps in and we think God is punishing us. He is a good Dad. Would any good father ever push their child into the middle of the road to teach them about safety? Of course not. Similarly, our Heavenly Father would never do that either. Sometimes however, we feel that way. Choices that we make create a feeling as if we’re stranded in the middle of a busy highway, trucks cars coming at us in all directions, so close to death, and God is MIA.  Not only did He not put us there simply to punish us or harm us, but perhaps the situation is happening to teach about Faithfulness. His faithfulness is trying to teach me about the street.
2. Assumptions– God has forgotten me.
Knowing God is always working on your behalf is something I choose to believe every day. Psalm 66:5 says, “Come and see what God as done’ he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.”  When bad thing happens, we forget Who He is and all he is capable of; Perhaps that very circumstances can propel you forward to something more. Over and over, seemingly hopeless situations God proves his faithfulness. The Red Sea circumstance where in the end, you find yourself crying out,  “God I panicked and you brought me through the wilderness.” Every experience, every person in our lives is the perfect prep for the future only He can see.” Jeremiah 3:33 says, “Call to me and I will answer you and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”
3. Tunnel vision– Sometimes we feel like we can’t see anything through the thick and heavy clouds. With our myopic vision we can only see what’s right in front of us.   We continue living and we say to ourselves, “God I’m alone, you left me.” What did I do to make you so mad?” Why did you let this happen?”
 After having a miscarriage in 2010, I literally had to choose to set aside the crushing pain, heartache, and confusion for a moment and stand back to see the big picture. Scripture says, “His ways aren’t our ways.” I needed to hear this. My heart way broken but I knew that He was still a good God. He never changes. Everything in the day feels great about God but when the night came, He was real. He is a Mighty Force and His love is so thick and so tangible.  I had to make the decision to get out of His way, and focus on the promises He has already made me. I was reminded during that time of grieving that He could be trusted despite the betrayal I felt and so, I handed over to him my hurt, my loss, and He won my heart all over again.  When I cover myself with His words, His truths, His promises- that is preparation for when heartbreak breaks happen.  Those words that I kept near to me, His promises to me, they fall deep into crevices of my heart and totally pierce my soul. I am new again.
He was trying to tell me during that time, that the milk and honey was right  in front of me, if I could only see it.
Oftentimes, our circumstances that find us speechless with pain are simply bigger than we could ever figure out or handle on our own. We may not understand at the moment what’s going on, but He wants you to know that He’s got you.  The Lord has gone before you, He is with you, so cling to His promises. It’s not about my ability to handle or successfully control the things that come my way. It’s about being available so that I can tap into His power and let God show up- there’s nothing like it.
4. Vulnerability- When we’re alone, the enemy influences us the most. Vulnerability diffuses our ability to get closer to him. We must bring the lies into the light. Healing can’t begin in the darkness. Satan will lie to you so that you feel shame, disconnect, insecure.
5. Enmity– the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.
Satan wants to get in between you and another, that is his plan. When you don’t understand that ‘thing’ that is happening, frustration sits in because we feel like He doesn’t hear us. This is where I try to remember to pull up my big girl panties of faith and stand on the Word that He has already given to us. These are the times I have to believe He is faithful even when I don’t feel like it or when I’m not seeing immediate action.  He never intended on us to have baggage or be anxious but let’s be honest, it’s a minefield out there and the enemy tries every single day to place enmity between us and our Father. Mark 14:27 says “You’re all going to feel like your world is falling apart and that its my fault, it’s these times in the wilderness we feel this way.”
Good perspective; Doesn’t come from-
 1) Comparison: Comparison is a temporary fix then it brings you back to the lie. When you compare, you’re not only comparing yourself you’re making a judgement about God. When I body shame myself, I’m shaming the God of the Universe who created me.
Good perspective; Does comes from-
 2)Truth – The truth which lies in the Word of God. Always faithful, always working on your behalf, and working on promises you can’t even imagine. He’s telling you these things in his Word, everything your heart needs and wants to hear. He wants to bring you back to Him.
So what helps keep a “Good” Perspective?
Resource yourself-
Feed yourself on the Word daily, journal, begin a devotional and start developing relationship with Him. He’s just waiting on you!
Scripture Memory: Scripture is the Sword to combat all enemies in life. It truly is! Satan is pretty stupid when he tried to tempt Jesus in the wilderness; How did Jesus reply? With scripture! Be armed with it!!
I challenge you to pray for a perspective that is bigger than your circumstances. God isn’t done with you or your story. I dare you to accept that you don’t know the end of this story and rest in the fact that He does. Pray that He will show you today a promise, through a smile, a kind gesture from someone, through His creation, through evidence of His promises fulfilled in your life and the promises to come. Stand on His Word and trust that He will move in your life, in my life. Heal our daily wounds; physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Pray increased discernment so that we won’t take the bait.

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