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Scripture: “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all of the glory of God.” 1Corinthians 10:31

As we have entered a new year, many resolutions come to mind. One specific popular one I hear often is ‘to eat more veggies, to eat more clean, to DIE-t.”  I don’t talk about it often but I have struggled the majority of my life with a variety of eating issues. Let’s be honest here, there have been times that I have questioned myself if I my eating ‘issues’ could be clinically described as a ‘disorder’. In my life, I have found that it is so much about fear, control, and where my value lies. Where my value lies is a whole other blog post, but for the here and now, I wanted to share this verse as I reflect what it truly means to me.  To me, this verse shows that God truly does care about every area of our ives. In fact, the whole universe was created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!  The fact that we can give glory to God in even our eating and drinking shows that He wants to be involved in this particular area as well- it is important to Him! It’s important to note that giving glory to Him through what we ‘eat’ is not just about controlling our own eating, because self control is ultimately relying on our ‘self’ and not our Heavenly Father.  What it is really about is getting God involved in every area of our lives, even in what we eat, how much we eat, and how we look at food.  This can be done by just simply asking the Holy Spirit daily to help us in our food choices, to speak to us about when we have had enough, and to also give us the strength to say no to foods that will not bring health to our bodies.  When we listen to the Spirit of God residing within us regarding what we eat and drink, we are glorifying Him by giving Him access and complete control over these areas of our lives! That’s a great thing.

Prayer: “Lord, I desire to glorify you in every area of my life. Holy Spirit, I ask that you would guide me daily so that I would make wise, better choices regarding what I put in my body. Please help me to know when I have had enough and give me the strength to resist the foods that are not life-giving to this temple you have entrusted me with.  Lord, I choose to glorify you t lead and guid me in this area! In Jesus Mighty name, Amen.”


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